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Soil/Machine Interaction Session

Soil/machine interaction has been a challenging topic and has high-level interdisciplinary hallmark, concerning theory, computer simulation, laboratories and field test. The objective of this session is to collect and disseminate state-of-the-art and new developments on soil/machine or soil/structure interactions including testing, numerical modeling and simulation of soil/machine interaction.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to: Analytical, semi-analytical semi numerical methods, meshfree method, discrete and finite element modeling, lab and field tests for soil-structure interaction and soil/machine interaction, such as tire/terrain interaction, soil-asphalt wheel/ground interaction, track/soil interaction, blade/soil interaction, soil tillage and cutting, soil/rock damage, rock cutting, fragmentation and excavation, soil penetration and digging, soil/tool interface modeling, and other soil/tool interaction topics.

This session intends to accommodate 5-6 presentations in this field; multiple sessions might be organized if there are enough talks. The workshop organizers are pleased to offer partial financial assistance to top five presentations selected by the organizing committee members.

Mustafa I. Alsaleh, Ph.D, PE
Engineering Specialist Research and Development
Virtual Product Development Division, Caterpillar Inc.
Technical Center, Bldg.E,
P.O. Box 1875, Peoria, IL 61656-1875
Tel:  309-578-3245            Fax: 309-578-4277
Email: Alsaleh_Mustafa_I[at]

Maria Cristina Herrera, Ph.D.

Sr. R&D Engineer / Earth Mechanics & Abrasive Wear
Product Development & Global Technology
Caterpillar Inc.
Phone: (309) 578-2195
Email: Herrera_Maria_C[at]