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Interests in localization and related instabilities in the field of geomechanics date back in the early 1980’s when the first International Workshop on Localization of Soils was organized in Karslrule, Germany, February 1988.

This aroused so much enthusiasm and interest in the fundamental aspects of bifurcation theory to soils that the second workshop followed right after in Gdansk, Poland, September 1989.

The topic was then extended to rock mechanics at the third international workshop in Aussois, France, September, 1993. Interests grew steadily and the scope was expanded to instabilities and degradations in geomaterials at the workshops that were held in Gifu, Japan, September 1997; Perth, Australia, November 1999; Minneapolis, USA, June 2002; Crete, Greece, June 2005; and Lake Louise, Canada, May 2008.